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A Taste of the Arts

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be an artist in the 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival. I’d been going to this festival since I was in high school and always had a dream of having my own tent one day & what a dream it was.

I applied to be in the Emerging Artist category which means you are an up and coming artist and this may be one of your first art shows. This category is still juried and three artist are chosen every year. After three full days of talking to new and old friends, selling my work and sitting in the hot/rainy Florida weather I have huge respect for each and every artist that makes their living via art shows.

From setting up my booth to sitting, standing, and chatting with people for three days from 9-5 …it truly is a full time job. I absolutely love what I do, every second leading up to this show, during, and after showed me just how much work goes into doing and succeeding at your passion!! All the late nights, mental breakdowns, and frustration was 100% worth it.

Personally, my favorite part of this entire weekend was Saturday night, when they hosted a fabulous dinner for all the artists in the show. At the end of the dinner they were announcing all the artists who won an award and you would not believe the explosion of claps and screams and pure excitement that everyone showed for their fellow artists. Truly something I will never forget!

It was just simply amazing to be a part of something that truly is supported so much in this community. And I just want to thank everyone I know that came out to support me and so many other artists. It means more than you will ever know!

NOW!!! If you missed the show or weren’t able to make it all the same work is OFFICIALLY on my website under the travel tab and they are all for sale in varying sizes and material. If you would like to purchase feel free to checkout the Shop tab under Travel BUT…I also still have some from the show available for purchase (matted paper prints & 24x36 metal prints). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!