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Alicia & Joe: Maclay Gardens State Park Engagement

Alicia has been a long time friend of mine and we’ve been close since high school! When I heard that she was engaged to Joe I was so SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! These two love each other so well and are a perfect match. Since I will be standing next to Alicia on her wedding day she wanted me to do an engagement session with them! It was great cause I got to take a little weekend trip up to Tallahassee to do the session and hangout with one of my best friends! Love these two so much! Enjoy :)

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Maddy: UCF Graduate

See Miss Maddy! I’ve known Maddy for a while and I can’t believe she’s graduating!!! ALL. DAY. LONG. It was raining…classic FL. Maddy and I had been chatting all day about today and she eventually said “ya know let’s just do it” and what do you know for about 45 minutes the rain held off until the very end! Can’t wait to see where Maddy goes next! Enjoy :)

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John Michael & Tiffany: Grand Floridian Proposal

Tiffany’s sister, Caitlyn, reached out to me about photographing the proposal and I was ALL for it! I LOVE PROPOSALS!!!! It’s just all so beautiful and pure joy for you and your new fiancé and family!! Caitlyn’s family used to live in Orlando and actually know a couple I previously photographed! What was even more exciting was that John Micheal had never been on a plane before & this was his FIRST trip to anything DISNEY!! A super fun vacation and getting engaged all wrapped in one. Enjoy :)

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The Cabrera's: The Acre Wedding

I have known Katelyn since middle school and it was so sweet to get to see her tie the knot with Paul! I’ve always wanted to photograph a wedding at The Acre because it’s such a cute venue with TONS of photographic spots!!! It definitely has a more boho vibe too which I love!!! Even though Katelyn and Paul’s wedding was smaller than the usual wedding blowouts it fit them perfectly. Enjoy :)

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Bethany & Dylan: Playalinda Beach Engagement

Bethany & Dylan were a dream couple to shoot! They had never done pictures like this before but I gave them a little pep talk and everything just flowed from there. Together they were goofy, loving and just all around AMAZING to photograph. Playalinda holds a very special place in both their hearts and to them as a couple means something. Cue the super cute coffee shop picture at the end, this is where they had their first date!!! How PRECIOUS!!! Enjoy :)

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Tim & Taylor: NSB Proposal

Tim & Taylor’s proposal was one for the books💍🥂
Tim reached out to me 2 weeks prior to tell me his plan and all the details and I WAS IN!!! June 8th- driving out to NSB the rain would not stop till I crossed the county line and got to the park. Hiked the 7 minute boardwalk till I reached the sand and saw all their friends and family preparing for Taylor & Tim to arrive. More storm clouds were slowly rolling in and the nerves started to set in. FINALLY, I spotted them walking down the boardwalk towards the spot with champagne and red roses, Tim got down on one knee and asked Taylor for forever❤️SHE SAID YES!!!!💍Family started running to congratulate as the sky got darker & thunder became louder⛈
Next thing you know ABSOLUTE DOWNPOUR(classic FL)🌧🌧🌧Everyone grabbed their things & the kids sprinting to coverage that was 5 minutes back towards the parking lot. Not a single person was dry but everyone had a smile so BIG it put the rain to shame❤️I think Taylor said it best “Honestly, I don’t care (about being soaked) I wouldn’t want it ANY OTHER WAY”🎉
CONGRATULATIONS soon to be Mr. & Mrs. O’Brien🥂💍❤️

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The Guttman's: Sarasota Garden Club Wedding

Rhonda & Mo’s wedding was such a sweet reminder that love has no age or timeline. The minute I saw these two together during the ceremony and after you could evidently see the love they had for one another. And ummm….can we just look at Rhonda’s incredible dress for just a second?! I was OBSESSED!!!! All the heart eyes for the Guttman’s! Enjoy :)

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The Bowling's: The Crystal Ballroom Wedding

I met Angel and Kyle at a wedding I photographed last summer. Angel was part of the bridal party and she was just so bubbly and energetic we connect almost immediately! She got to see how I work during a wedding and got the inside scoop. I was so blessed when they reached out to me! Their wedding party was all sorts of fun and crazy as you can see but clearly everyone had a great time!! Enjoy :)

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The Gaines': The Royal Crest Room Wedding

I have known Brianna & Brian since freshman year of high school and I felt so so honored to be part of their big day!!! First off, Brianna looked like an absolute queen…YASSSS GIRL! And just seeing the absolute happiness on their faces once they tied the knot was contagious. Much love to the Gaines’

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Madison: Senior Portraits

Madison was such a joy to photograph. I loved her unique, trendy style. From her hair to her outfits, she rocked it all! At the beginning she was definitely a little shy but as the session went on she totally loosened up to being in front of a camera! Congrats on graduating & good luck in college Madison!

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Brynne: UCF Graduate

Brynne was so sweet! After getting to know each other a little we found out that we went to the same high school just different classes! Can’t wait to see where her future takes her, congratulation Brynne!!

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Christina: UCF Graduate

Christina was sweet, friendly and so excited to graduate. This girl climbed up on the UCF statue at the football stadium to get a pretty unique graduation photo and it’s definitely one of my favorites! Congratulations on your graduation Christina!!

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Madison: UCF Graduate

Madison is one of the most energetic and fun graduates I’ve ever met! When I showed up at the UCF Reflection Pond she was easily spotted with the balloons and pegasus floaty. We had so much fun with all the props and her hype crew that came along! Congrats on graduating Madison!

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Deglomine Family

The Deglomine family was so so sweet! Perfect colors, perfect setting and perfect weather (especially for Florida). I really hope this family cherishes these pictures for forever!

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Valentina: Senior Portraits

Let me just say it…I LOVED this session!!! Valentina picked the perfect location with outfits to match that went from classy to princess to edgy. She really brought some fun and unique posing to the table which I really enjoy!! Definitely one of my favorite senior shoots to date!!!

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Laura: Senior Portraits

Got to wander around Winter Park with sweet Laura to capture her senior portraits. There are so many great little spots around Park Ave, she was such a natural!

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Tori: UCF Graduate

I was so excited when Tori asked me to photograph her UCF graduate portraits! Tori was just a natural, can't wait to see this girl take on the world!

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Isabel: Fashion Portraits

Every now and then I get a major itch to photograph fashion photography. I am always on the hunt for new models and always thinking of creative fashion shoots. I reached out to Isabel knowing she’s be able to work the places I had in mind. It’s funny, sometimes I pick outfits first and sometimes places I want to photograph in. Isabel brought the quirkiness I wanted to this shoot & I absolutely adored working with her!!

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Dani: UCF Graduate

Dani was such a sweetheart! She brought such energy and laughs (along with confetti & champagne) which I love!!! Right before our session was about to start it began raining like it always does in FL but then it stopped for the remainder of the time and on my way home it started raining again. Dani stuck out the not so great weather and was curly excited to graduate!! Congratulations!!!

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Dani & Randi: UCF Graduates

Randi & Dani were such a blast to photograph. Plus, this was the first time the stadium was actually open for grad pictures so I was very excited to capture them in a place on campus that I’m sure is filled with so many memories. I also love the idea that they started out in something casual then switched over to their grad dresses. These girls brought the best out of each other and I can’t wait to see where life takes them! Enjoy :)

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