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Alicia & Joe: Maclay Gardens State Park Engagement

Alicia has been a long time friend of mine and we’ve been close since high school! When I heard that she was engaged to Joe I was so SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! These two love each other so well and are a perfect match. Since I will be standing next to Alicia on her wedding day she wanted me to do an engagement session with them! It was great cause I got to take a little weekend trip up to Tallahassee to do the session and hangout with one of my best friends! Love these two so much! Enjoy :)

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John Michael & Tiffany: Grand Floridian Proposal

Tiffany’s sister, Caitlyn, reached out to me about photographing the proposal and I was ALL for it! I LOVE PROPOSALS!!!! It’s just all so beautiful and pure joy for you and your new fiancé and family!! Caitlyn’s family used to live in Orlando and actually know a couple I previously photographed! What was even more exciting was that John Micheal had never been on a plane before & this was his FIRST trip to anything DISNEY!! A super fun vacation and getting engaged all wrapped in one. Enjoy :)

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Bethany & Dylan: Playalinda Beach Engagement

Bethany & Dylan were a dream couple to shoot! They had never done pictures like this before but I gave them a little pep talk and everything just flowed from there. Together they were goofy, loving and just all around AMAZING to photograph. Playalinda holds a very special place in both their hearts and to them as a couple means something. Cue the super cute coffee shop picture at the end, this is where they had their first date!!! How PRECIOUS!!! Enjoy :)

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Tim & Taylor: NSB Proposal

Tim & Taylor’s proposal was one for the books💍🥂
Tim reached out to me 2 weeks prior to tell me his plan and all the details and I WAS IN!!! June 8th- driving out to NSB the rain would not stop till I crossed the county line and got to the park. Hiked the 7 minute boardwalk till I reached the sand and saw all their friends and family preparing for Taylor & Tim to arrive. More storm clouds were slowly rolling in and the nerves started to set in. FINALLY, I spotted them walking down the boardwalk towards the spot with champagne and red roses, Tim got down on one knee and asked Taylor for forever❤️SHE SAID YES!!!!💍Family started running to congratulate as the sky got darker & thunder became louder⛈
Next thing you know ABSOLUTE DOWNPOUR(classic FL)🌧🌧🌧Everyone grabbed their things & the kids sprinting to coverage that was 5 minutes back towards the parking lot. Not a single person was dry but everyone had a smile so BIG it put the rain to shame❤️I think Taylor said it best “Honestly, I don’t care (about being soaked) I wouldn’t want it ANY OTHER WAY”🎉
CONGRATULATIONS soon to be Mr. & Mrs. O’Brien🥂💍❤️

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Angel & Kyle: Disney Boardwalk Engagement

So so happy this adorable, giggly couple picked Disney Boardwalk for their engagement session. Tons of cute and classy spots! I met Angel & Kyle last July at another wedding I shot and was super excited when she reached out to me to capture her and Kyle’s big day! Can’t wait to have their big up on the blog…SO MUCH LOVE Enjoy :)

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Kaytlyn & Austin: Washington Oaks Engagement

These two have been together since high school, 8 years to be exact. I still can’t believe I’ve known Austin since elementary school and now he’s engaged to sweet sweet Kaytlyn. So excited to shoot engagement pictures for them at beautiful Washington Oaks! & that dress on the beach…just perfect *heart eyes* Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!! Enjoy :)

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Trey & Christin: Downtown Orlando Engagement

Christin & Trey are two of my favorite people and I was honored when Christin reached out to capture her big day!! Running around downtown Orlando with these two was a blast. I had been wanting to photograph a couple on the top of a parking garage for FOREVER and it finally happened and turned out when better than I anticipated. I love how in love they are. Love you both! Enjoy :)

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Yaralis & Adam: Lake Runnymede Mini Session

I was so excited to photograph Yaralis & Adam with my first mini session, especially when they picked a spot I’ve never photographed at! I always suggest Lake Runnymede for pictures but it’s never been chosen until now, yayyyyyy
This place was beautiful!!! From the trees, to the moss, to the high orange grass, it was just perfect! Very Florida feel but still unique *heart eyes* all around! Enjoy :)

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Ashley & Tyler: Washington Oaks Engagement

Ashley & Tyler were just purely sweet. I’ve known Ashley since middle school, we even had photography class together in high school but it still meant so much that she picked me to photograph her special day. These two were laughing & giggling & just having an overall good time during their engagement session. I can’t wait to photograph the big day in November!!! Enjoy :)

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Jeremy & Carlie: Magic Kingdom Engagement

This couple is Disney crazy but I LOVE IT!!! I’ve always imagined photographing a couple at Magic Kingdom and just the magical cuteness that comes with it!!! Spent the whole day with Jeremy and Carlie and really learned a lot about Disney and their story. They were such troopers walking around the park all day and having paparazzi following them
Long story short…Disney really is a super magical place! Enjoy :)

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CeCe & Wyatt: Kraft Azalea Gardens Engagement

I have known CeCe and Wyatt since they started dating in middle school and let me tell you getting to photograph them as engaged couple was such a blessing. They were both so so incredibly giggly and happy and just could not stop smiling!! The amount of times they called each other fiancé was just too cute. I am so excited for these two and can’t wait to see where life continues to take them together as it has for so long now, they were MADE for each other!!! Enjoy :)

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Jeremy & Carlie Proposal: Disney Boardwalk

Funny story about this proposal Jeremy called me wanting to propose to Carlie with Disney involved. They met in the Disney college program so obviously Disney is a HUGE part of who they are and their relationship. We landed on Disney Boardwalk since it is the least crazy of all Disney properties. Proposals take A LOT of planning and serious thinking in order to make it a real surprise! As I made my way towards the perfect proposal spot I needed a cover up & luckily there was another photographer doing a portrait shoot right in front of the spot...PERFECT!!! I’ll act like I’m shadowing this photographer and BAM💥the perfect surprise proposal💍of course Carlie said yes! CONGRATULATIONS🎉🥂
I think the even crazier thing is that it felt like I had known these two for years!!! Our friendship was instant and I am so blessed by that! Stay tuned for Jeremy & Carlie’s engagement pictures at the Magic Kingdom!!!

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Devin & Gina Proposal: Four Seasons Resort Orlando

First off…I absolutely love proposals. From photographing them to just getting to be a part of something so special in peoples lives, this is why I do what I do. Secondly…isn’t the Four Seasons Resort just INSANELY STUNNING during Christmas time. I mean Christmas is already magical enough but look at that tree, and those decorations and all the twinkly lights…I just LOVE it!!! Ahhh I love love. this was such a sweet-hearted and genuinely intimate proposal between Devin and Gina. I was honored when Devin reached out to me to photograph such a big life event. Enjoy :)

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The Messer's: Delaney Street Baptist Church Wedding

Maggie and Keith’s wedding was so near & dear to my heart. I’ve known Maggie since we were kids and was so excited to get to be a part of her big day. Their wedding was very unique and definitely a change from the usual wedding day. I could tell there was a huge want to not be stressed and that worked in their favor. We got ALLL pictures done prior to the ceremony which was fantastic. Hands down this was one of the greatest bridal parties I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Let me let you if your bridal party isn’t this EXCITED that you’re tying the knot then you’re missing out. & you know that part when the officiant says “you may now kiss your bride,” and all your guests stand up and clap…well this group went absolutely INSANE. I mean what do you expect from about 300 of your closest family and friends? I mean just look at the reception pictures of all these people dancing and celebrating!!! Now that’s a PARTY!!! Love the dear Messer family!! Enjoy :)

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Samantha & Josh: Playalinda Beach Engagement

I instantly fell in love with photographing Samantha and Josh! They weren't afraid to be fun, goofy and just plain in love with each other. I love when a camera doesn't intimidate my clients and they just have fun with all of it! All I have to say is waking up at 5am to make it to the beach at sunrise was totalllyyyyy worth it<3 Enjoy :)

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Thomas & Erica: Cypress Groves Engagement

These two were so sweet and genuine! I’ve known Thomas since middle school and was blessed when he reached out to me to photograph him and his new fiancé!! They were willing to put up with that classic Florida heat and get close and cuddle! Enjoy :)

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Maggie & Keith: Rollins Engagement

These two sweet souls were such a blast to photograph. They had so much fun with each other, it just seemed so natural. I love when couples can truly be themselves around one another, especially in front of a camera. It honestly seemed like I wasn’t even there. I love the love between these two and cannot wait to capture their wedding day! Enjoy :)

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John & Tori: Kelly Rock Springs Engagement

Okay, excuse me while I freak out a little….AHHHHHHH!!!! My brother is getting married & I’m getting a sister!!!! I could not be more excited for these two. It’s gonna be a lot of planning and a lot of fun, I am so excited to be a part of this wedding! I absolutely loved being able to photograph their engagement pictures for them, it included some great laughs & a lotta love. I’m thrilled to be standing next to them on their wedding day and watch them tie the knot! Enjoy :)

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Nate & Lynsey: Beach Proposal

Insert seven thousand heart eyes here! I was honored when Nate called me asking if I would photograph his proposal to Lynsey. These two were made for each other and I could not be more happy for them!!! & have you seen that ring!? Ya did good Nate :) As they say in Ireland...Sláinte!!!! 

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Thompson & Jake: Lake Louisa Engagement

Ughhhh this engagement session absolutely melted my heart. The love these two have for each other is truly unlike any other. It was an honor and a pleasure working with Thompson & Jake. We all embrassed the insane 50 degree Florida weather that appered for one day (classic FL) I would recommend Lake Louisa for pictures anyyyy day any time! Enjoy everyone :)

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