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John Michael & Tiffany: Grand Floridian Proposal

Tiffany’s sister, Caitlyn, reached out to me about photographing the proposal and I was ALL for it! I LOVE PROPOSALS!!!! It’s just all so beautiful and pure joy for you and your new fiancé and family!! Caitlyn’s family used to live in Orlando and actually know a couple I previously photographed! What was even more exciting was that John Micheal had never been on a plane before & this was his FIRST trip to anything DISNEY!! A super fun vacation and getting engaged all wrapped in one. Enjoy :)

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Tim & Taylor: NSB Proposal

Tim & Taylor’s proposal was one for the books💍🥂
Tim reached out to me 2 weeks prior to tell me his plan and all the details and I WAS IN!!! June 8th- driving out to NSB the rain would not stop till I crossed the county line and got to the park. Hiked the 7 minute boardwalk till I reached the sand and saw all their friends and family preparing for Taylor & Tim to arrive. More storm clouds were slowly rolling in and the nerves started to set in. FINALLY, I spotted them walking down the boardwalk towards the spot with champagne and red roses, Tim got down on one knee and asked Taylor for forever❤️SHE SAID YES!!!!💍Family started running to congratulate as the sky got darker & thunder became louder⛈
Next thing you know ABSOLUTE DOWNPOUR(classic FL)🌧🌧🌧Everyone grabbed their things & the kids sprinting to coverage that was 5 minutes back towards the parking lot. Not a single person was dry but everyone had a smile so BIG it put the rain to shame❤️I think Taylor said it best “Honestly, I don’t care (about being soaked) I wouldn’t want it ANY OTHER WAY”🎉
CONGRATULATIONS soon to be Mr. & Mrs. O’Brien🥂💍❤️

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Jeremy & Carlie Proposal: Disney Boardwalk

Funny story about this proposal Jeremy called me wanting to propose to Carlie with Disney involved. They met in the Disney college program so obviously Disney is a HUGE part of who they are and their relationship. We landed on Disney Boardwalk since it is the least crazy of all Disney properties. Proposals take A LOT of planning and serious thinking in order to make it a real surprise! As I made my way towards the perfect proposal spot I needed a cover up & luckily there was another photographer doing a portrait shoot right in front of the spot...PERFECT!!! I’ll act like I’m shadowing this photographer and BAM💥the perfect surprise proposal💍of course Carlie said yes! CONGRATULATIONS🎉🥂
I think the even crazier thing is that it felt like I had known these two for years!!! Our friendship was instant and I am so blessed by that! Stay tuned for Jeremy & Carlie’s engagement pictures at the Magic Kingdom!!!

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Devin & Gina Proposal: Four Seasons Resort Orlando

First off…I absolutely love proposals. From photographing them to just getting to be a part of something so special in peoples lives, this is why I do what I do. Secondly…isn’t the Four Seasons Resort just INSANELY STUNNING during Christmas time. I mean Christmas is already magical enough but look at that tree, and those decorations and all the twinkly lights…I just LOVE it!!! Ahhh I love love. this was such a sweet-hearted and genuinely intimate proposal between Devin and Gina. I was honored when Devin reached out to me to photograph such a big life event. Enjoy :)

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Braiden & Lauren: Proposal

When I heard the Braiden was going to be proposing to Lauren I totally freaked!!! So blessed that he asked me to capture this incredibly special moment!!! What a perfect day and an even more perfect setting. I absolutely adorable the simplicity of Laurens engagement ring *heart eyes* I can’t wait to capture the big day for you guys! Enjoy :)

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Nate & Lynsey: Beach Proposal

Insert seven thousand heart eyes here! I was honored when Nate called me asking if I would photograph his proposal to Lynsey. These two were made for each other and I could not be more happy for them!!! & have you seen that ring!? Ya did good Nate :) As they say in Ireland...Sláinte!!!! 

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